Registry for fields changes

Giovanni Colapinto

Hi all.


Because we are going to face a, more or less, massive change of fields in the JSON schema, I created a document to keep it organized.


The idea is that every time someone wants to change a field, he writes a section in this doc

(it’s inside our shared drive, under Test Schema Standardization folder).

All the relative instructions are at the beginning of the doc as a simple list to follow to accomplish all the steps.


This should make simple to:

  • Trace each change in the json schema
  • Having a history of what done
  • The other group members could follow on slack the conversation in which are interested, without having a single channel for all the fields
  • The registry keeps trace of the proposal and what done, making simple also to the people that are not reading slack, to understand what is happening
  • The changes are atomic, simple to review and to manage


Please let me know any comment/improvement